Emergency Garage Door Repair Throughout Chicago

Emergency Repairs

Don't Get Stuck. We Provide 24-Hour Repair for both Businesses and Homes

First Class Garage Door provides 24-hour garage door repair in Chicago and throughout the western suburbs. Don't wait until the next day to call.

Call At The First Sign Of Trouble

Don’t delay if you are experiencing a “small” problem. A seemingly minor noise or isolated issue could be an early warning that a spring or cable is about to break or a remote security system is malfunctioning. We would much rather come to your business or home to replace a simple part than to assess a broken door or shutdown situation in a condominium, parking garage or other high-traffic property.

Contact us now for emergency service.
Chicago: 312-802-0339 | West Suburbs: 630-532-8937

Why Call First Class Garage Door?

  • Our company has a 10-year track record of reliable garage door service and installation, and has a BBB A+ rating.
  • Our maintenance crew has worked on repairs in virtually every commercial and residential setting to be found in Chicagoland, so we know what to look for and how to fix your problem reliably and efficiently.
  • With an extensive inventory of garage door parts, we will have the materials we need to complete the work. Our parts inventory includes springs, cables, openers, remotes, circuit boards, seals, belts, gears and a host of miscellaneous hardware items.

Don't Tackle Garage Door Repair Yourself

Please do not attempt to tackle emergency garage door repairs (or any other type of garage door repairs) on your own. Garage doors can be dangerous, even life threatening, if a cable or spring snaps at the wrong time. Our factory-trained garage door repair team, using approved and inspected tools, are equipped to make repairs safely.

Call At The First Sign Of Trouble.
Chicago: 312-802-0339 | West Suburbs: 630-532-8937